Armitage Place's
Rules, Regulations, and Recycling

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The Rules

  1.  No renters are allowed to have dogs as pets.  If  “dog-sitting,” a pet release form must be completed and submitted to the condo owner, and notification given to other residents, at least one week prior to the expected “sitting period”. “Dog-sitting” may not last longer than 10 days and may not occur more than once per quarter (every three months).

  2. No smoking in common areas.  Please be considerate to your neighbors. Cigarette butts should be disposed of in ashtrays or other trash receptacles, NOT in the parking lot or front walk-way, or through any other type of littering. 

  3. No cell phone use in common areas, except in emergencies. 

  4.  Parties must end by 10:00pm Sunday through Thursday and 12 midnight Saturdays & Sundays, unless other arrangements have been made.  Regardless of time, please be considerate of noise levels, and if a neighbor asks you to reduce the noise, please cooperate.

  5. Please limit use of shoe wear in the units themselves.  Ladies, please be aware that the walls are thin and refrain from wearing heels/boots in the unit as they disturb your downstairs neighbors.

  6. No ball playing, bicycle riding, skateboards or other “play” in the parking lot. The parking lot is for vehicle parking only and is to be used only by the associated owner/renter. One parking space per unit.  See the parking lot map for the layout.

  7. Since there is only one parking space per unit, please do not park or allow guests to park in any space not allocated to your unit, unless previous arrangements have been made.  Unidentified vehicles in other tenants’ parking spaces may be towed at the owner’s expense, and incur the fine from Armitage Place.

  8. No use of the laundry room/machines by anyone other than residents of Armitage Place.  Please do not abuse the laundry facilities.  The washing machine cycle is approximately 30 minutes and the drying cycle is 45 minutes.  Please remove your articles when the cycles are finished, or subsequent users may remove them.  All ovens have timers to help you track!

  9. Please be considerate to your neighbors.  Please ascend/descend the stairs in a quiet manner.  Please limit loud talking and “thundering” down the stairs.

  10. Please clean up after yourself and guests. Mud, rain, snow, slush, and accidents do happen.  Please help keep the common areas tidy.

  11. Please do not put garbage or any other articles in the hallway.  Shoes and umbrellas may be left in the hallway to dry, but should be removed within 24 hours.  Garbage bags should never be left in the hallway.

  12.  Please remember to close the gates in the front walk AND, most importantly, the parking lot (both the electric door and the manual door) after use.  Bucktown has one of the highest rates of car break-ins in the city.  Please help keep our vehicles and us safe.

Recycling Rules/Guidelines

The complete and official Blue Bag/Cart Recycling Program webpage is here.

For your convenience, here is a summary:

Materials that ARE accepted in the Chicago Blue Cart Program & Recycling Drop-off Centers:

Materials that are NOT accepted in the Blue Cart Program & Recycling Drop-off Centers and should be donated if reusable:

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